Past Projects

ALS-Reading: an Assistive Reading Device for People Living with ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis-. The Vancouver-based Society of British Columbia, ALSBC, is sponsoring an innovative reading aid for people with advanced ALS who cannot push buttons or cannot manipulate reading materials.

TETRA – Floor-Raiser (Scissor-lift) System: People who rely on wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and other forms of mechanical transportation to get around regularly encounter obstacles. One of the most common instances is stairs and many systems have been designed to overcome a wide range of situations. However, a challenge can arise, usually inside a home, when one room is separated from others by one or two steps, such as a “sunken living room.” Often, conventional solutions, such as ramps or an elevator, are not practical for cost or space reasons. The TETRA Society of North America is able to meet this challenge through the design and construction of a motorized scissor-lift that permits a scooter-dependent individual to overcome a two-step drop from his kitchen area into a family room.

TETRA – Wheelchair Backpack Unloader: The TETRA Society of North America is sponsoring a project called Wheelchair Backpack Unloader. Most wheelchair users have backpacks attached to their seatbacks. But how do they get loaded and unloaded? What is needed is a mechanical system that would bring a backpack around in front of the chair user so that he or she can open it, retrieve or load whatever needs to be carried and close it. The system would then reposition the backpack at the back of the chair until the next time it is needed.

TETRA – Wheelchair Wheel Cleaner: The TETRA Society of North America is sponsoring a project called Wheelchair Wheel Cleaner. Canada is a country with wide ranging weather conditions and wintertime can be particularly difficult for people who use wheelchairs. It would be wonderful to develop a means of cleaning tires before travelling over indoor carpets and other types of flooring. What is required is a mechanical means of cleaning and drying tires after coming in from a trip through snow or rain – in exactly the same way as an able-bodied person wants to wipe his or her feet.

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