Past Projects

  • 2013 project: Aasith: Quick-Dry Bag

    The Aasith Quick-Dry Bag uses a chemical based drying cartridge coupled with a sealed bag environment to quickly and easily dry sporting goods. Initially targeted at competitive swimmers using high tech swimsuits, the Quick-Dry Bag allows an athlete to dry their equipment on the go without a power source and without using potentially damaging heat or mechanical means.

  • 2013 project: AME Technologies: Pipeline Leak Detection

    AME Technologies is a start-up developing technology to reduce the impact of pinhole leaks in the oil pipeline industry. Currently, no technology exists that can accurately detect these small yet damaging leaks. AME can solve this because we are approaching the problem in a fundamentally different way. Our patentable technology actually maps the size of a pipeline pinhole, allowing us to bypass the engineering limits of other leak detection methods. This is a real problem, in a profitable industry, that needs to be solved.

  • 2013 project: Ciphra Recycling: SortIT image processing system

    SortIT features a unique and innovative image processing system catered specifically for recycling purposes. It allows users to quickly scan any piece of garbage to inquire about their correct bin destinations. Upon scanning, the system will identify and categorize the waste into predetermined garbage types specified by the facility managers. A display port will be used to show directions as to how the garbage should be disposed of. We envision SortIT to be the next educative measure for consumer recycling at major food outlets.

  • 2013 project: LiveShelf: A unit-level inventory tracking system

    LiveShelf is Percept's flagship product, which utilizes a proven, patentable RFID technology that can be retrofit onto existing retail outlet shelving. Providing the option for true in-store unit level tracking, this product addresses the fundamental issue of inventory management and looks to re-capture the industry-wide $93B in revenue lost due to shelf-out situations.

  • 2013 project: RadiLift: Innovative, Back-Saving Dishwasher Rack

    Our flagship product, RadiLift, is an innovative, retrofittable rotating dishwasher rack tailored towards enhancing the overall user experience with dishwashers. Its rotational feature eliminates the need to bend down when using the dishwasher, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

  • 2013 project: SoundIT- your music, anywhere

    SoundIT is mobile music streaming service that lets customers choose what gets played at their favorite bar, pubs, and clubs. Venue owners setup a playlist and stream music directly from their browser to their establishment’s sound system via our web app. Our Android and iOS smartphone applications allow customers to sign in to their location and vote on their favorite songs in their location’s playlist. The service aims to empower customers to choose their favorite music at their favorite places.

  • 2013 project: StoreUp: Pull-down Shelving System

    StoreUp provides storage systems that add convenience to people’s lives by allowing them to easily access high, out of reach cabinets. The StoreUp system replaces the use of conventional shelves, maximizing the amount of usable space in peoples’ homes and eliminating the need for unsafe and annoying step ladders and stools. By gently pulling a handle, high storage quickly and easily extends from within the cabinet and lowers to an easy to reach height. StoreUp’s goal is to improve the convenience, efficiency, and organization of storage space.

  • 2013 project: VanAir Design: The Ventilated Door

    VanAir Solutions seeks to revolutionize the door industry by introducing a brand new solution to ventilating a room, the Ventilated Door (Patent Pending). The Ventilated Door utilizes its cross-section as an air channel to allow ventilation through the door while the Door remains closed. This allows the room to receive fresh air while maintaining visual and acoustical privacy to its occupants.

  • Aegis

    Aegis’s main product is software that connects students, teachers and parents through an online portal containing grades, assignments and other relevant information. Founders include engineering students Winnie Lai (ENPH), Edwin Jaury (EECE) and Christopher Chan (CHBE), and commerce students Scott Schaffter and Peter Stein.

  • EcoClean: Mop Bucket Design for Quicker and Eco-friendlier Clean

    EcoClean is a novel mop bucket design that incorporates a mop water filtration system whilst maintaining the mobility and the quiet, manual operation of a traditional mop bucket. Ergonomic and constructed of recycled materials, EcoClean has demonstrated over 40% savings in both labor cost and water over current commercial varieties.

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