SEEDS – Tandem Bike Power Station


T17 Tandem Bike Station

Our team has created a pedaled powered station. Two users, connected by a car differential, will be able to generate their own electrical energy. The device turns mechanical energy into electrical energy. The differential is connected to an alternator which produces the electrical energy. The alternator is connected to a table that regulates the electricity. At the top of the table are electrical outlets and usb chargers. The differential allows an easier ride when two riders are on the device.

“The Alma Mater Society (AMS) Student Nest is looking for interactive features to engage students. A pedaled power station is the proposal. Many have been made before; however AMS would like to add another level of uniqueness to this project by creating a tandem bicycle for several people to pedal at once. The ideal charging station would allow students to realize that, the more people on the bicycle, the easier it is to pedal and the faster their devices will charge. The objective is to demonstrate that collective action is often more effective than any one single effort. Anticipated co-benefits include energy generation, enhanced mental and physical health opportunities and the contribution to a fun and memorable campus experience.”

Project Proposal by AMS

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