New Venture Design: Design & Innovation Celebration – Team Content (2020-21)

Team B1

Product name: FoodFriend

Team name: Delta


Single-use takeout containers are not sustainable. Over 216 million single-use items were thrown in Vancouver’s garbage in 2018, and by the end of 2021, the Canadian government is banning hard-to-recycle plastic food ware. FoodFriend offers a reusable takeout container and infrastructure to close the loop and remove single-use food container waste and becomes more sustainable than disposable options after just 40 uses.

This full-service solution includes:

  • Custom-designed reusable containers with the following features:
    • Made with stainless steel and a silicon lid.
    • Optional branding on the lid. For many restaurants, branding is a critical component to enhance the customer experience.
    • Utensil pocket in the lid. This space fits napkins, utensils, and other loose items, allowing the container to be delivered without a bag and saving plastic waste.
  • Sauce and side trays fit into the main container as modular inserts. This design imitates the multi-section clamshell commonly used for takeout and delivery and is versatile for a variety of meal types without the need for extra containers.
  • App for restaurant customers who will be receiving the containers.
  • Drop-off locations where restaurant customers can return used containers.
  • Used container collection, cleaning, and redistribution to restaurants.

FoodFriend moves us towards a cleaner, greener world.

Team B2

Product name: SkiDry

Team name: Bee Team


Our team has always suffered from wet and cold gloves while skiing and boarding. We interviewed and surveyed over 250 skiers and found that 97% of them also experienced this problem on the mountain. To see if there was any profit behind this problem we looked into how much discretionary income is spent at ski resorts, and found that over $400 million was spent at Vail ski resorts alone in 2019, not including lift tickets and passes. With this, our team set out to solve the problem, and SkiDry was born.

SkiDry is a modular locker system that allows skiers to dry their wet gloves securely and conveniently in the ski lodge. SkiDry uses pipes to blow heated forced air directly into customers’ gloves. To access the system, a customer scans a QR code on a SkiDry locker and follows the simple instructions on the SkiDry website. Customers can use SkiDry for any desired time duration, depending on how long they want to spend in the lodge and how wet their gloves are. SkiDry can dry most standard ski gloves in only 20 minutes.

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Team B3

Product name: BARRET

Team name: BARRET Robotics


BARRET is an autonomous, material-transporting robot designed specifically for the construction industry. BARRET transports a wide variety of construction materials and debris, can navigate around obstacles, and traverse any terrain on a typical construction site, all with minimal human intervention.

BARRET aims to solve the construction productivity problem. 80% of companies struggle to find workers, and the industry is less productive on a per employee basis than it was in the 1950s. A crucial task on any construction site is the transportation and distribution of material. To be done efficiently, this task requires bodies that the industry doesn’t have. BARRET reduces a company’s reliance on physical labour by providing autonomous material transportation.

BARRET assists an overworked and undermanned crew by saving workers’ backs, allowing them to focus on higher skill activities while BARRET does the heavy lifting. In the construction industry there is over $1 Billion in injury costs per year due to overexertion and repetitive motion injuries (in the US alone). BARRET helps reduce these costs.

BARRET stands for Builder’s Advantage Rugged Reliable Equipment Technology. Our company aims to become the leading designer and manufacturer of construction robotics, with the ultimate goal of helping the construction industry step into the future.

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Team B4

Product name: Katalyst

Team name: Katalyst


2020 has been a transformative year for all, and one of those changes is the shift to remote work. Many companies now have decided to go permanent remote, and we noticed a big problem for teams that work remotely. Traditional video conferencing platforms such as

Zoom do not satisfy the needs of casual meetings and interactions such as lunchtime chats, water-cooler catch ups, or conversations that are had when you bump into someone in the hallway. People find traditional video conferencing platforms too formal and moderated, discouraging small group conversations and spontaneous interactions, leading to poor team bonding and interpersonal connection.

To address this, we are proposing a dedicated VC platform for casual conversations whose main value proposition is to provide a more casual experience that is designed to foster connections and enable spontaneous and simultaneous conversations between participants. Aimed at remote working corporations and teams with collaborative and open cultures, and that allow for individual autonomy during work, Katalyst is a web application that simulates the office break room and social gatherings. Users can freely move within a virtual 2D gathering round, and using spatially aware audio feeds seamlessly join and leave conversations as they wish.

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Team B5

Product name: ASLAN

Team name: WHYPHY


The ASLAN combines conceal-ability, functionality, and aesthetics to give space constrained home-gymmers the same quality workout as a traditional home gym but for a fraction of the inconvenience. This product transforms from a coffee table or ottoman into a full gym including a bench and squat rack, while providing the storage space necessary to keep your weights and other workout accessories concealed. Due to limitations on fabrication as a result of the ongoing pandemic, our MVP now takes the form of a virtual CAD model. Custom aluminum extrusions make up the rails and rack with the collapsibility of the ASLAN being achieved through the use of hinges placed throughout. The functionality and safety of these components are tested through motion and FEA analysis within the CAD software. The outer shell consists of aluminum composite panels which are directly fastened to the structure. Through the use of a magnetic latch mechanism, the outer walls can be folded out to provide a workout area and reduce any damage to the floor. The rack can then be folded up, and the supporting legs can be fastened to ensure that the rack is safely secured.

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Team B6

Product name: Dental Guardian

Team name: MPACT


Motivation and Solution

25% of Canadians do not visit the dentist yearly. 330,000 deaths are due to oral cancer per year. To remedy this gap in oral healthcare, tele-dentistry can provide a platform that improves quality and access to oral healthcare. But, dental practitioners and patients have a tough time communicating oral health issues over virtual means. To solve this issue, Dental Guardian provides a comprehensive software and hardware solution for the picture-taking process in tele-dentistry consultation that can be fully operated by patients.

What will it do?

Streamlines asynchronous tele-dentistry consultations through visual diagnoses of dental issues.

Who is it for?

Patients who want the convenience and accessibility of virtual dental consultations and dental practitioners who currently/are looking to provide tele-dentistry as a service to better serve their existing patients.

How does it work?

We provide hardware and mobile app pairing to enable patients to capture high quality images of necessary views of the mouth. On the dentist side, we provide an app to help them streamline their asynchronous tele-dentistry business.

Team B7

Product name: Mosso

Team name: Venturneers


Mosso is for the technology inclined, high net-worth homeowner who needs a new, unique and adaptable appliance that is aesthetically consistent with their kitchen design. Our product is a high-end, technology-powered indoor garden that provides organic, gourmet produce in a low maintenance contemporary solution. Unlike alternatives, Mosso offers complete climate control to deliver high-quality, exotic produce indoors – in a package that will be the talking point of your next dinner party.

Through over 200 conversations we’ve had with homeowners, designers, and appliance dealers we have identified an opportunity to access the $4 Billion global market of high-end homeowners who want hydroponic devices in their home but don’t have the time to spend on maintenance.

This market prioritizes convenience and design, something products on the market neglect.With Mosso, maintenance is automated, and the exterior of the device is customizable to match the customers’ style. Even further, Mosso emulates global climates, delivering fresh foods and flavours from around the world, something no other hydroponic device offers. Mosso is for users who want to grow strawberries year-round or users who want to taste the flavours of Italy. From the ordinary to the exotic, Mosso offers it all.

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Team G1

Product name: Bobabot

Team name: Bobabot


Bubble tea has taken the world by storm. As we were boba-deprived during the pandemic, we came up with a wild idea: “What if we built the world’s first boba machine for home use?” To validate our idea, we first conducted over 400 interviews and received massive interest. To expand our reach, we set up a landing page at and shared it on social media. Much to our surprise, our post went viral. With over 300 people subscribing to our mailing list, and thousands of likes and comments within a single day, we became very excited by the response. By introducing BobaBot, the espresso-machine equivalent for bubble tea, we are relieving the customer pains of inconvenience – having to commute to a store, stirring a pot of pearls for over an hour to cook manually, or spending $15+ for a watery cup of boba via UberEats. 73% of interviewees noted that they would get bubble tea more often if it was more convenient. Our business model consists of two main revenue streams: selling the BobaBot machine for $200, as well as ingredients for $25/month to generate recurring revenue. Here at BobaBot, our mission is to bring boba to the world, one home at a time.

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Team G2

Product name: VOLTA Flex V1

Team name: VOLTA


35.4 million Americans receive annual treatment for EMG-measurable musculoskeletal injuries. 86% of physiotherapy patients from our primary market research said that they want a more quantitative and data-driven approach for their at-home physiotherapy exercises. Physiotherapists agree that the majority of recovery happens outside of a clinic; however, this is where patients have the least guidance on their recovery journey.

The VOLTA Flex V1 enables anyone to visualize and track muscle activation during their rehabilitation exercises to help them recover faster. Our product is a compression garment that utilizes electromyography (EMG) technology to read electrical activity from specific muscles. With this EMG reading, VOLTA supplements users in their rehabilitation process by relaying specific muscle activation data, real-time feedback, and the ability to track recovery progress over days to months.

VOLTA finds a unique intersection between fitness, injury recovery, and digital health and is the first company to bring EMG technology to the consumer physiotherapy market. With this first-mover advantage, VOLTA will be the brand that physiotherapists and their customers can trust for the best EMG garments for injury recovery.

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Team G3

Product name: Lumimat

Team name (company): Lumimat


With Lumimat, we provide peace of mind to our customers by ensuring that the food they buy will be safer to ear for a lot longer, and less likely to go to waste. Lumimat is a smart household device that uses the latest LED engineering technology to extend food life by up to 2.5 times, disinfect groceries and control bacterial growth on food. It is designed for household refrigerators and consists of a number of UV-C emitting modular square-shaped mats coupled with a battery module. The UVC lights are concentrated in the center and are inclined at an angle to maximize the intensity of light on the surface. The surface is made of UVC transparent glass to minimize loss of light intensity. The setup can have a customizable number of modular mats and battery modules depending on the use case. The mats have waterproof connectors positioned high on all four sides to allow for a secure connection even on inclined surfaces. The batteries can also be connected together to support more mats and increase the duration between charge cycles. The components are splash and spill-proof, easily cleaned, and dimensioned to fit most standard fridge drawers and shelves.

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Team G4

Project name: Jelly

Team name: Jelly


What is it?

One subscription-based platform that unlocks ad-free content across thousands of websites.

How does it work?

It’s like YouTube in that there will be an app to follow content creators, but the content can come in any form (blogs, articles, or any web content), and there will be no ads. WebViews will be used to load the content in the app.


For many content creators, advertisements are the easiest way to make money online. But 67% of people think that ads are the worst thing about the internet. At Jelly, we want to give people a choice between advertisements or monthly payments. Creators will receive money from these monthly payments based on the time spent on their content.


A mobile application & website to find and view content.

A browser extension to enjoy ad-free content with your regular viewing habits.

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Team G5

Product name: Proxhema

Company name: Velox Combat Solutions


Team Velox is a new venture that focuses on developing military medical devices. Of all military preventable casualties, 87% arise from injuries in the abdominal area, making it the most common cause of preventable combat deaths. Velox’s mission is to ensure these injured soldiers receive the appropriate pre-hospital care and are given a fighting chance of making it back home to their families.

Velox is currently developing Proxhema, a revolutionary military medical device designed to instantaneously seal projectile wounds. It is a light undergarment worn by soldiers that protects vulnerable areas of the body that are not covered by body armour – particularly the lower torso, shoulders, and armpits. Upon puncture by bullets, the device passively mixes a two-part expanding foam mixture which expands and applies pressure at the wound area to suppress the bleeding. The expanding foam will also deliver a hemostatic agent into the wound, stopping the bleeding long enough for the soldier to receive care from medical personnel. Dr. Dennis Filips believes there is nothing like Proxhema in the market: “I love the idea of doing something that nobody else is doing – pushing that boundary. An automated device for field treatment would be a game changer.”

Team G6

Product name: The Bikeye


So imagine you are cycling on the road, trying to enjoy your day. Things are usually fine, but you know you always might get hit by a car, because, well… accidents happen. Side hooks are among the top five most common bike collisions, and can require immediate medical care. These can turn out to be costly from damage, rehab, and lost mobility. In the year 2019 alone, British Columbia had 1800 cyclist collisions, 1300 of which were in the urban area and causing 44 fatalities.

Introducing the Bikeye, the eye of your bike that will look out for collisions. Not only does it do car-collision detection, but also predictions. With a dual radar system, and audio notifications via Bluetooth, your safety is paramount to us.

As a cyclist, any vehicle might run into you from behind, or cut you off to the front. The Bikeye will actively make a prediction about incoming danger, and notify you via audio warning. Given its long battery life, resistance to rainy weather, and expansive detection range, the Bikeye will function to keep you safe.

So the next time you’re out and about trying to enjoy your day, you know who to rely on. Join us starting now to make cyclists safer. Thank you!

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Team G7

Product Name: JamBox

Company Name: JamBox


Music collaboration has experienced the adverse effects of COVID-19 as the industry has migrated online. Music educators in particular rely heavily on real-time collaboration between instructor and student. Current video conferencing solutions such as Zoom or Skype are all designed for massive global scale, but come at the cost of significant latency, or delay, between end users. For conversation the latency of these platforms are within an acceptable margin. However, they make real-time music collaboration impossible. One of our teammates, Joseph, personally felt the impact of latency when he tried to collaborate with his band online. He spoke with his old piano teacher who informed him that the issue was widespread and had a negative impact on student learning. He also learned the some students would continue with a hybrid music education, even after the pandemic. Online music lessons are here to stay and so we’ve set out to make them possible. Our company, JamBox, combines hardware and software to make students and teachers feel like they are playing in the same room. We use specialty music streaming hardware to build a new yet familiar conferencing experience. Real-time collaboration is possible, and our early tests at two of the largest music schools in the lower mainland have shown that JamBox can enable it.

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