New Venture Design: Design & Innovation Celebration – Team Content (2022-23)

Team B1

Product name: The Classroom Listener

Team name: Focus Technologies


The rate of ADHD diagnosis has doubled over the past decade, and 84% of interviewed students with ADHD expressed a strong difficulty in paying attention in university lecture halls. Typing, whispering, and air conditioning are but a few examples of audio distractions that hinder ADHD students’ ability to pay attention in class, and consequently, to perform academically. 

The Classroom Listener is a low-profile smart microphone that plugs into the student’s computer. Using our proprietary voice recognition model, speaker tracking technology, and directional noise suppression, Focus Technologies aims to isolate the sound of the professor’s voice directly to the student. We create a noiseless audio stream that broadcasts directly to the listener’s noise-canceling headphones, creating an intimate learning experience for any student, in any class, in real-time. 

University of Acadia, Bishop’s, and Concordia have expressed a strong interest in running pilot programs with our technology within the next year to obtain data on student performance and attendance improvements with the implementation of Focus Technologies. With the advisory of Mats Selen, the co-founder of iClicker, our diverse team of 3 engineering students and 3 business students aims to make university learning accessible to everyone.

For more information, contact us at ​​

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Team B2

Product name: Atlast


Atlast makes digital marketing tasks simple and easy for small business owners of all skill levels by managing their content pipeline.

Our platform bundles all the essential marketing activities that business owners need to establish and maintain their digital presence into a simple mobile app – everything from scheduling, creating, to publishing digital marketing content.

So what makes Atlast unique? We leverage AI in a way that other companies in the marketing industry are not – AI is implemented in all parts of our app’s flow, not just text generation. Not only do we have the novelty of being the first mover in our niche, but our AI also reiterates upon itself and becomes smarter over time.

Our platform uses state of the art technology to generate content that is customized for each business. We build on top of OpenAI’s GPT models, which are trained using data from across the internet to generate various types of text. Additionally, our software continuously learns and adapts to each business over time, allowing it to provide better suggestions and tips that are curated for marketing and specific to all types of businesses.

An important aspect of our platform is its simplicity of use. Instead of providing a cumbersome interface, in which there is a steep learning curve, we have a beginner-friendly user interface which we like to refer to as the “WealthSimple of Marketing”. Many marketing platforms provide users with a set of tools, and leave it up to them to figure out how to use them. Our service guides users through a simple set of questions, from which their social media marketing campaign is generated. Essentially: anyone can use our service without having to first overcome a steep learning curve.

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Team B3

Product name: BinUp

Team name: Forte Environmental Solutions


Every year in British Columbia, over 500 bears are put down due to human-bear conflict – most of which arises from the interaction between bears and human waste. When bears get into human waste, not only do they suffer but the residents of those neighbourhoods begin to feel unsafe as well. Though our parks have implemented bear-proof bins, the solutions on the market for homeowners are either ineffective, expensive, or unreliable.

Our team of three engineers and three business students wanted to further explore this problem, so we spoke to over 15 municipalities, countless residents, and even bear experts to learn more about this problem from their perspective. After those conversations, it was clear to us that there was a gap in the market that needed to be filled. Through combining our interdisciplinary knowledge, we were able to tackle this issue by introducing a novel solution to the market. Together, we created our company, Forte Environmental Solutions. At Forte Environmental Solutions, we aim to provide consumers with the opportunity to easily contain their waste so that bears and other wildlife are unable to access it.

Our product features a bin-storage system that works to keep residential bins upright and secure in residents’ backyards. Reinforced to be able to withstand the force of a black bear’s blow and tested with consumers of all ages to ensure that it’s easy to use, we know that our product will easily integrate into consumers’ lives and provide them with the ease of mind they’re seeking.

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Team B4

Product name: EquiScan


Every year, 6 million Canadians avoid going to the dentist due to cost constraints.

For many, going to the dentist is a scary and unfamiliar experience. For those living in remote communities, a trip to the dentist could require a costly overnight stay and overcoming other significant economic and social challenges.

As a team of three STEM students and three business students, we designed a two-part product that will make dental care more convenient and accessible for those who need it the most.

The first part of our product is a handheld camera that allows anyone to easily take dental-grade photos of their teeth from the comfort of their own home. Our device, EquiScan, captures images of all surfaces of the teeth and creates a stitched composite to capture any dental health issues or warning signs clearly.

The second part of our product is a mobile app that allows users to instantly share their scans with a dentist, saving time and skipping triage appointments. To determine how we could offer this service to people across Canada at an affordable cost, we conducted in-depth market validation, created a financial model, and developed a business plan over a period of eight months.

Our solution will allow more people to get the care they need before minor issues become severe dental problems requiring expensive and painful operations. This device is the first step into the future of dental care.

For any inquiries, please contact

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Team B5

Product name: Safe in Place


Introducing Safe in Place – a solution designed to help your loved ones age in place. Developed by a team of engineering and business students, our non-wearable and unobtrusive fall detection system addresses the biggest concern that caretakers have for their aging loved ones – falling and injuring themselves. We understand that many elders are unwilling to commit to wearing a fall detection device on their person, which can create tension between them and their caregivers. Our product aims to alleviate some of this mental burden by passively waiting for abnormalities to occur before alerting a caregiver that something is wrong.

In addition to fall detection, our device also allows caregivers to remotely record personalized reminders for their dependents, such as taking medication or attending appointments. The familiar voice, along with the incorporation of a familiar clock radio design, helps individuals feel at ease and comfortable with the technology in their space. With Safe in Place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being monitored and that you will be alerted in case of any incidents.

Are you currently caring for an aging loved one? Let us make things easier, and be there when you can’t. Visit our website for more information: Safe In Place (

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Team B6

Product name: What’s in the Fridge


When was the last time you forgot you had something in the fridge and it went bad? If recently, you’re not alone! In 2022, households in Canada contributed to 47% of total food waste in the country, with the average household wasting over $1300 worth of food a year.

Introducing WhatsInTheFridge – a smart, camera-based IoT device that revolutionizes the way you manage your fridge inventory! Our innovative product, developed through a collaborative effort between engineering and business students, tackles the universal problem of losing track of what’s in the fridge.

Our unique approach classifies food items in real-time as they are placed in or taken out of the fridge, updating a digital inventory that you can access anytime, anywhere through our user-friendly mobile app. No more guesswork, forgotten items, or duplicate purchases – just a seamless and efficient way to organize your groceries.

WhatsInTheFridge goes beyond simple inventory tracking; it also helps you create grocery lists based on items you’ve recently run out of and sends automatic expiry notifications, so you can consume products before they spoil. By reducing food waste, you’ll not only save money but also make a positive impact on the environment. In fact, food wasted by households in Canada in 2017 equated to 6.9 million tons of CO2 emissions, and we believe WhatsInTheFridge can significantly reduce this value.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover how WhatsInTheFridge can transform all fridges into smart fridges! Come visit our booth on April 11th and let us show you the future of fridge inventory management. If you’re interested in providing feedback or learning more, feel free to contact our team at

Together, let’s make forgetting about items in your fridge a thing of the past!

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Team B7

Product name: Re-Usable IV Bag

Team name: NextMed


In North America, the average healthcare facility produces approximately 29 lbs of waste per patient per day. Of this waste, approximately 25% is plastic. PVC materials such as IV bags and tubing are one example of high-volume, single-use products that are sent directly to landfills, polluting our soil and oceans with toxic micro-plastics.  

Health authorities across the world have recently begun realizing that we must change our approach to healthcare to encompass the health of our planet as well as patients. New solutions are required that reduce the medical industry’s environmental footprint without compromising on the quality of patient care, as climate change and healthcare are tied together in a reinforcing loop.  

NextMed is targeting this need for environmentally conscious healthcare solutions, by developing a reusable and sterilizable IV bag so that this traditionally single-use medical device can be safely reused. The business model would operate as “saline-as-a-service”, where NextMed owns the bags and the infrastructure to clean the bags and provide sterile, filled saline bags to hospitals/clinics for a service fee. 

In NextMed’s proprietary process, used IV bags will be brought to regional reprocessing facilities where they will be cleaned, sterilized, filled, then resealed. The bags then undergo a thorough quality assurance process, guaranteeing the fluid inside the bag is sterile, endotoxin-free, and compliant with patient safety standards. Following this, the bags will then be transported back to the client site (clinics, hospital warehouses) where they can be put back into circulation. 

This upstream solution creates a circular economy for the bags and reduces the amount of carbon and plastic waste produced with early estimates suggesting our solution will be able to divert 44 000 Tonnes of IV Bag plastic waste from landfills per year across the US and Canada and achieve a 98% reduction in CO2 emissions. Enabling NextMed to pursue its mission to build the next generation of healthcare for a sustainable future, with a vision to reduce the negative impacts of healthcare on our planet.  

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Team G1

Product name: Ceco

Team name:


Ceco is a SaaS platform that helps you reach your decarbonization goals by using geospatial monitoring techniques.

In order to deliver real-time operational efficiency insights, carbon reports, industry-level benchmarking, and risk reduction suggestions using machine learning, we collect operational data for mines, forests, and other heavy sectors utilizing GIS and IoT sensors.

Our target market is the mining industry, which, according to McKinsey, is responsible for 4 to 7 percent of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In high emitter industries like mining, risk mitigation is neither visible, quick, or site-specific. serves as a Risk Reduction Platform for Compliance Automation by visualizing activities using GIS, conducting environmental audits, and making recommendations for sustainable processes.

Ceco has successfully made into Canada’s top 20 Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) startups and securing global partners including Foresight Canada, CarbonNext, UBC Sauder, Patch, and upcoming more.

Our main services are

  • Real-time ESG Compliance Verification: decompose legal framework into essential on-site monitoring metrics with Real-Time IoT and GIS for Spatial Data Monitoring to align with ESG classification Model.
  • Audit Appealing: counteract greenwashing with data-driven ESG analysis, minimizing fines and enhancing site evaluation accuracy with reference to Industry Benchmark
  • Risk Reduction Recommendations: leverage industry best practices for customized compliance solutions and collaborate with expert partners via Ceco platform for tailored insights with machine learning to provide data-driven insights both to minimize risks and carbon analytics.

We are excited to be a part of decarbonizing and tackling climate change. Right now we are looking for key partners and fund-raising opportunities after the team completed the New Venture Design course in May 2023.

Ceco’s Contact information

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Team G2

Product name: PharmaBox


PharmaBox is a device that can automatically fill customized blister packs for patients taking multiple prescription medications on a regular basis. Blister packs are used to provide a safe and convenient way for patients to take their medication, in particular elderly patients who may easily forget to take their pills. Automating the filling process saves pharmacists the hassle of sending blister packs to central fill locations, which can take days, or doing them by hand.

Pharmabox allows for a quick, easy, and convenient way of filling blister packs at the pharmacy itself, requiring no user intervention once the desired pills are loaded into the machine. On average, it takes pharmacists 24 minutes to fill packs by hand, with our device able to do it in only 2.5 minutes. With the time savings on each pack, PharmaBox could save pharmacies over $20,000 per year in labor costs.

The device is able to plug into standard power outlets and is compact enough to be used where blister packs are normally filled by hand. Our novel pill dispensing mechanism allows for accurate and quick dispensing of all standard pill types, with the option to request custom sizing. From a 1-hour training session, pharmacists and their assistants can feel confident that they are not sacrificing performance by reducing the task time by 10x. Providing blister packs to patients in need, without taking time away from other important tasks.

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Team G3

Product name: ScorePort


At ScorePort we have worked to bring to market an inflatable, portable, electronic scoreboard for sporting events. This scoreboard is designed to be lightweight, easy to set up, and customizable for various sports. It is perfect for schools, community centers, and sports clubs who need a portable and affordable solution for keeping score during games.

The scoreboard features a high-resolution LED display that is visible from a distance, even in bright sunlight. It is controlled via smartphone, and is fully customizable to encompass the scoring needs of virtually any sport. The inflatable design of the scoreboard makes it easy to transport and store, as it can be deflated and packed into a small bag. As well, this makes the scoreboard impact resistant and easy to put together.

This project is a collaboration between our Sauder and engineering students, who have worked together to design, develop, and market this innovative product. Our business students have conducted market research and developed a business plan to bring this product to market. Meanwhile, our engineering students have designed and prototyped the scoreboard, ensuring that it meets the needs of our customers.

We believe that this product will be a game-changer for sports events, as it provides a portable and affordable solution for keeping score. Our scoreboard is designed to be versatile and can be used for a wide range of sports, including basketball, football, soccer, and spike-ball. We are confident that it will be well-received by sports enthusiasts and event organizers alike.

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Team G5

Product name: Kioski


Discover Kioski, an innovative solution created by a diverse team of three business and three engineering students from the UBC New Venture Design course, designed to revolutionize the toy shopping experience. Kioski is a one-of-a-kind gamified automated retail machine, specifically tailored for the toy industry, offering an engaging and memorable experience for consumers of all ages.

Our team consists of two Business and Computer Science students, one Entrepreneurship student, two Mechanical Engineering students, and one Electrical Engineering student. This collaborative effort between business and engineering disciplines has allowed us to combine our expertise in market research, user experience, product design, and technology implementation to create a cutting-edge solution that meets the needs of modern consumers.

Kioski combines the convenience of a standalone retail machine with the excitement of interactive, touchscreen mini-games. These quick and enjoyable games provide purchase incentives, such as discounts, upon winning, appealing to customers of all ages.

Our market research, consisting of in-person interviews, revealed a strong interest in Kioski, with 47% of respondents expressing enthusiasm for its launch. Our prototype testing yielded a conversion rate of 51.85%, significantly higher than the industry average of 5% for Best Buy Express Kiosks, proving the effectiveness of our gamified approach.

We are proud to have secured two Letters of Intent from major shopping malls in Vancouver, BC, demonstrating the potential of Kioski in the retail market. Join us at our booth on April 11th for Design & Innovation Day to experience Kioski for yourself and learn how it is set to transform the future of toy shopping.

Kioski is designed for ease of use and maintenance, featuring a sleek and durable exterior, an accessible product display, and a user-friendly interface for mini-games, product selection, and additional information.

Your feedback is invaluable to us. Please contact our team at or visit our website at for more information. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Kioski in action on April 11th – experience the future of toy shopping and let the games begin!

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Team G6

Product name: Pouch


For new parents who want reassurance on their infant’s health and development, Pouch is a baby monitor that is backed with a machine learning algorithm that identifies signs of cerebral palsy. Unlike typical baby monitors that are only used for keeping an eye on your infant from a distance, our product also keeps an eye on your infant’s health and development.

Throughout the course, our team has conducted interviews with paediatricians and parents to discover the problems of late detection in cerebral palsy:

  • According to the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, “Cerebral Palsy is the most common motor disability of childhood” and roughly 1 infant with cerebral palsy is born every 2 minutes.
  • With later intervention and treatment, children with cerebral palsy may have a worsened condition of the disorder throughout their life.
  • The average age of diagnosis among children is 18 months.
  • There is an assessment (General Motor Assessment) that allows the condition to be diagnosed at 0-5 months of age. This assessment can only be made by specifically trained doctors, and most babies do not have access to this assessment.

Our team of engineers has trained a machine learning algorithm that automates the General Motor Assessment and detects the movements that are indicative of cerebral palsy. We are demonstrating the model’s effectiveness at our booth with an interactive action detection model.

If you would like to reach out with any feedback or information about our project, please feel free to contact us through our website and Instagram.


Instagram: @pouchbabycare

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Team G7

Product Name: Hull Wash


Our innovative solution is revolutionizing the boating industry by tackling a common problem faced by boat owners of all sizes: biofouling. Biofouling, which is the buildup of organic materials such as barnacles and algae on a boat’s hull, reduces hydrodynamics, increases drag, and leads to fuel inefficiencies. However, traditional methods of removing biofouling involve lengthy downtimes and manual labor, resulting in lost revenue for boat owners.

Our solution is an autonomous hull-cleaning robot that eliminates biofouling layers and macro-fouling organisms from a ship’s submerged hull. Our robot uses a unique combination of cavitation water jet technology and rotary brushes to remove biofouling efficiently. It adheres to the hull of the ship, navigates autonomously, and removes biofouling and barnacle accumulation. The robot’s thrusters provide adhesion to the hull’s surface and allow it to move linearly.

Our product is a game-changer because it is fully autonomous, enabling small-big commercial boat owners to clean their boats during downtime without affecting their day-to-day business. Our hull cleaning robot is a much better alternative to traditional methods that require hiring divers for manual scraping or pulling the ship out of the water for water jet cleaning. These methods are time-consuming and require multiple people on-site.

Furthermore, our hull cleaning robot increases the frequency of cleanings, leading to a 40% increase in fuel efficiency, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and a decrease in the need for specialized hull cleaning contractors. T
his is a huge win for both the environment and the bottom line of boat owners.

We are excited to showcase our product and engage with all of you at our booth. Join us in our mission to transform the boating industry with our groundbreaking technology.

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