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Booking Terms and Conditions

The following “Terms and Conditions” are incorporated into, and form part of, the booking agreement:

The event organizer is responsible for ensuring that:

– the assigned area is appropriate for the event;
– emergency vehicles have access when necessary;
– the event is conducted in a safe, orderly manner;
– adequate security is provided; the event is restricted to the assigned area (as applicable);
– the event does not interfere with University operations or other members of the University community.If food is being served; if you are planning to prepare and serve food, then you must submit a Temporary Food Service Application (59kb PDF) to Vancouver Coastal Health. This would include food preparation for things such as hot dogs, hamburgers, pancakes, etc.

It is not necessary to fill out the application form if:
– you have contracted a caterer or mobile food service operator who possesses a valid health permit;
– foods are limited to pre-packaged, non-perishable items such as chips, pop, or candy bars.

    1. The event organizer is responsible for leaving the area clean and litter-free and will be billed for all subsequent costs incurred by the University for clean up. The event organizer is responsible for any property damage that occurs as a result of the event. Damages will be assessed and repair costs billed to the event organizer.
    2. A deposit or a speed chart may be required to cover potential damage, clean-up, or other costs as well as to ensure compliance with University policies (e.g. Policy #13, Serving Alcohol)
    3. The University has contracted for certain advertising and commercial sponsorship relationships with third parties. The University reserves the right to refuse or cancel bookings for outdoor space that, in the University’s opinion, would put the University in violation of these contracts. The University shall not be responsible for any costs or damages resulting from this action.
    4. Approval may be revoked without compensation in the event of a breach of any laws, by-laws, or the terms and conditions herein. Non-compliance may also result in additional charges. Any infractions or violations will be noted and will be applied towards any consideration for future booking or against current bookings for that group.

If you have any questions, please send a message to edc@apsc.ubc.ca

Event Name: ________________

Event Date and Hours: ________________

Room/s: ________________

Department: ________________

Speed chart: ________________

     Yes       As the organizer of this event, I have read the above Terms and Conditions and take full responsibility for this event.

Name: ________________                                                     Contact Phone: ________________

Signature: ________________                                                Date: ______________

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