Past Capstone Project

Pulp Bale Single Wire Wrapper

Abstract The Single Wire Wrapper (SWW) project designed for a market pulp mill allows pulp bales to be wrapped with a single wire as opposed to the current 2 wire system at a rate of 1000 tpd (4500 bales/day). Decreased wire costs, increased throughput, and increased margin on sales provide approximately $700k/year value to the client. Currently, […]

ROV Sample Retrieval System

Abstract The Howe Sound is home to a rare marine animal, the glass (hexactinellid) sponge. Our client had an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), and requested that we design and build an add-on Sample Retrieval System (SRS) that could be used to retrieve small samples of sponge from depths as great as 1000 feet below […]

UBC Farm – Flame Weeder

Abstract The organic market share in the food industry has grown steadily to reach an irreplaceable position with good reason. Awareness around genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) and chemical pesticides have raised serious concerns in the minds of modern consumers. At UBC Farm the goal is to research and grow organic and sustainable produce with the […]

TRIUMF – Rubidium Filling Station

Abstract TRIUMF is one of Canada’s leading national laboratories for particle and nuclear physics. Its impressive facilities include a cyclotron, a particle accelerator used to bombard elements with proton beams. One of the elements processed in the cyclotron is Rubidium, used to produce Strontium-82 isotopes for the medical field. In the cyclotron, Rubidium is held within special containers […]

UBC Supermileage Drivetrain Redesign

Abstract The UBC Supermileage team has competed in the Urban Concept Gasoline category of the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas competition since 2008. Previously, the drivetrain has been comprised of a centrifugal clutch mounted to the engine with a chain and sprocket system transferring power to the drive wheel while reducing the speed. While this method has proven to be […]

SEEDS – Tandem Bike Power Station

  Abstract Our team has created a pedaled powered station. Two users, connected by a car differential, will be able to generate their own electrical energy. The device turns mechanical energy into electrical energy. The differential is connected to an alternator which produces the electrical energy. The alternator is connected to a table that regulates the electricity. At […]

Science World – Pneuman Retrofit

Abstract The mechanical engineering team Just ∫du It! and an electrical engineering (EECE) team from The University of British Columbia collaborated with Science World and its representative John Craver with the objective of retrofitting the original Pneuman exhibit. The original exhibit was a pneumatic pedaling robot that was made to travel around an overhead track, […]

Plastic Bank – Compactor Cart

Abstract It is estimated that approximately 300 million tons of plastic are produced globally each year, with less than 10% being recycled. In developing countries such as Peru and Haiti, this number is reduced to less than 2%. For this reason, the recycling of plastic waste in developing nations represents a vastly underdeveloped industry. The Plastic Bank seeks […]

PACE – Reconfigurable Shared-Use Mobility System

Abstract By 2030, urban areas will be the home for more than 60% of the world’s 8 billion people. This will challenge the public infrastructure and create tremendous pressures in the form of pollution, congestion, energy security and traffic safety. Fast growing city density will cause the ownership of traditional cars and private vehicles to […]

NORCO – Performance Frame Tester

  Abstract The goal of our project for NORCO was to design a bicycle frame stiffness tester to compare the relative stiffness of Norco Performance Frames with each other and with their competitor. NORCO can use stiffness results to design better bicycles, as stiffness is a parameter that affects performance. This testing device can perform […]

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